ERGON LEGAL was established on 1st January 2015 by BVS AVVOCATI E COMMERCIALISTI, based in Milan and by TAMIETTI BELLACHIOMA & ASSOCIATI TB&A, based in Rome.

ERGON LEGAL is the result of the union of two very similar firms in terms of their size and culture, with complementary professional practices, and have co-operated with each other for many years, and therefore, can offer current and future, Italian and foreign clients a structure that is broader and even stronger, with more differentiated professional knowledge and skills.

TAMIETTI BELLACHIOMA & ASSOCIATI TB&A was established in January 2007, by combining the professional experience gained by Mr. Paolo Tamietti and Ms. Claudia Bellachioma who have always engaged in their professional activity in the field of civil and commercial law, with a strong preference for international affairs.

From 1996 Mr. Tamietti and Ms. Bellachioma dedicated an important part of their professional activity to relations between Italy and Spain, and in particular, providing assistance to Spanish Clients, or however, Spanish-speaking Clients in Italy and Italian Clients in Spain.

BVS AVVOCATI E COMMERCIALISTI was established in September 2000 with the name “Breveglieri Verzini e Soci”, following the growth of the “Studio Legale Breveglieri” that was established by Mr. Luca Breveglieri in 1982.

The Firm was changed to a professional partnership in 1995, and was named “Breveglieri Verzini e Soci”, when Ms. Claudia Verzini and Mr. Mauro Bosco joined Mr. Luca Breveglieri.

The Firm adopted the name “BVS Avvocati e Commercialisti” in 2008, with the entry of Mr. Filippo Verzini, and also added the tax consultancy practice to the legal practice.

 Relationship with the client 

ERGON LEGAL devotes great attention to each Client. This is achieved, inter alia:

– by placing its Clients in the best condition to take the appropriate decisions;

– by representing the current initiatives and their status very clearly, both in terms of the timing and procedures;

– by updating the Client promptly and in writing regarding the progress of the proceedings;

– by providing answers quickly to the queries raised.

In any event the Firm agrees the levels of its services with the Client, according to the requirements of the individual case, and in particular, the objective it has set itself to achieve. It is the practice of ERGON LEGAL‘s Professionals to agree the following aspects in detail with their Clients: the services which the Firm must offer; the standard services which the Client must expect; the forms and the timing of communications; the criteria to determine the fees and, if possible and appropriate, a rough estimate of the services to be provided.

All the foregoing enables the Client to know beforehand the cost that is to be paid for the Firm’s activity, determining the extent to which the activity meets the Client’s needs, “without waste”, with estimates prepared and based on reasonable criteria, taking into account the scope of the work, the value of the work for the Client and the results of the activities.

ERGON LEGAL‘s Professionals firmly believe in searching for solutions which enable a “cap” of the fees due to the Firm and the costs for the Client to be predetermined, when compatible with the individual case, by applying the criteria adopted by mutual consent, in a transparent manner, in order to determine the fees in question.

This “practice” is enhanced by the broad range of criteria to determine the fees which can be adopted as an alternative to traditional criteria.