Corporate – Mergers and Acquisitions ‐ Internationalisation

ERGON LEGAL provides consultancy and assistance in company law in the day-to-day running of companies and supports Client companies in the following phases: structuring extraordinary transactions, legal and tax due diligence, and also business due diligence, based on the Firm’s partnership with management consultants coming from the best international consultancy firms, defining corporate governance and preparing shareholders’ agreements, in addition, also managing the tax and accounting aspects of the foregoing transactions.

The Firm assists Italian companies in their internationalisation process (establishing foreign subsidiaries or investee companies), in addition to the acquisition of foreign companies and businesses, based on a wide variety of methods, and also by means of partnerships with third parties. In this context ERGON LEGAL has accompanied abroad, inter alia, its Clients which operate in the following sectors: capital goods, infrastructures, communication and trade fairs, electronics industry, fast-moving consumer goods, tourism, transport, biotechnologies and automotive components.

The Firm regularly provides assistance and consultancy services to foreign companies which already operate on the Italian market or wish to enter the Italian market, by establishing own structures, and by acquiring participating interests or buying existing facilities.